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An Overview of Immigrant Seniors in Canada

Is living abroad after retirement genuinely happy?

In December 2011, during the pause on applications for Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) immigration, the Super Visa for parents and grandparents of the Canadian citizens and permanent residents was introduced by Citizenship and Immigration Canada(CIC), with the purpose of supporting family reunification. The Super Visa could be valid for up to 10 years and has significantly facilitated the process for Canadians to invite their parents/grandparents to live in Canada. This time, CRAS (Canada) zooms in on Canadian Chinese and their parents/grandparents who have settled down in Canada: What do their lives look like on a daily basis? Have they enjoyed their stay since the first arrival here? In order to further interpret the topic of “living abroad”, which has been one of the focus points in Chinese community, CRAS (Canada) surveyed these senior visitors/immigrants and the results may surprise you.

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Toronto vs. Shanghai: How Chinese Parents Manage Their Kids' Extra-Curriculum

A recent study shows no matter where you live, Toronto or Shanghai, more than 90% of children under 12 years old participate any sorts of extra curriculum activities. Chinese parents are more or less the same even if the education system and philosophy is somewhat different in Canada and China.

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Market Research Career Seminar (June 2017)

A few seasoned market research professionals recently joined the panel discussion at CRASC market research career seminar. Check out the insights from industry insiders about developing your career in market research & analytics field.

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Is Coffee “Your Cup of Tea”?

As the birth place of tea, China has been immersed in a tea culture for centuries. The start of reform and open policy 40 years ago brought Western culture to the Chinese people, and along brought coffee into their lives. While coffee has gained growing popularity among urban youths, tea has remained the staple drink for the masses. Is coffee replacing tea for those who leave China to settle overseas? Are young people still the main customer base for coffee?

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魔都虎妈 PK 多伦多狼妈:谁家孩子更辛苦?

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