Toronto vs. Shanghai: How Chinese Parents Manage Their Kids' Extra-Curriculum

Posted by CRASC on July 17, 2017

A recent study shows no matter where you live, Toronto or Shanghai, more than 90% of children under 12 years old participate any sorts of extra curriculum activities. Chinese parents are more or less the same even if the education system and philosophy is somewhat different in Canada and China.

Not surprisingly to most who lives in Toronto, Kids on average take 5 extra curriculum activities more so than those in Shanghai. While kids in Shanghai taking Maths and English, Kids in Toronto are doing more sports, arts and more recreational activities. Academic pressure for kids before 12 in Toronto is definitely not as much as in Shanghai.

Both Toronto and Shanghai kids go to tutorial for school classes. Nonetheless this is a norm for Shanghaiists but not for Torontonians.

In general, Chinese parents based on Toronto accentuate interests and diversity. Meanwhile in Shanghai, parents see extra-curricular as a mean to manage the future of their children. Undoubtely, they are and they will commit to kids at all expense.